The Torn Wings of Illusion (2014)

INFIDEL RISIING's debut album featuring 11 original songs, independently produced by the band.

UK Release The Torn Wings of Illusion DIGIPACK CD (2016)

ALONE Records reissue of The Torn Wings Of Ilusion, with two bonus tracks and 8-page booklet


INFIDEL RISING's 2nd album is deep in the recording studio. Check back soon to see updates and sneak previews!

"Torn Wings of Illusion captures the best aspects of the power and progressive metal... The album's second epic “The Great Discovery" proves a technical metal masterpiece."

Andrew Rockwell


"“Power of Goodbye”, stands among the release’s extraordinary moments... With Travis Wills’ excellent vocals coloring the album’s great compositions, they present us a very strong record..."

Giannis Kofidis


One very specific feature that I love about this band: the songwriting. Songs that remain in my mind while being complex and adventurous. What else can you ask from your Prog / Power Metal?

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You can always add the amazing vocal parts, and the shining lead guitar moments and yes, you got the real deal! Long live Infidel Rising! Please bring us some more music soon

Chris Papadakis

Mercury Radio, Forgotten Scroll Zine

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